We're the Mouthfuls

Hi there!

We are a fun-hearted bunch who call ourselves the 'Mouthfuls'. We love to meet new people, listen to diverse stories and opinions, and share our own.

We prize humour and authenticity.

Wherever we are in our lives, we have one thing in common: we care about personal growth. In fact, we go for a little discomfort because that's the only way we grow.

If this sounds like you, there's a good chance we will get along.

Improve quick thinking, speaking, and social intelligence

There are many resources that help improve communication and social skills: books, podcasts, training programs, and coaches.

But what we really need is practice and to build confidence.

Share one minute stories, opinions, and laughs

You will speak for one minute to a small low-stakes live audience, prompted by a random topic among a variety of subjects.

It's a safe place to speak and be heard, where strangers warm up to each other and share their opinions, stories and laughs.

It's guaranteed you'll have a lot of fun and learn something new.

There’s no preparation needed.

Prompts that make you think

The prompts curated by our dedicated hosts or members are designed to spark creativity, spontaneity and authenticity. They invite the speakers to share their opinions and experiences.

Even introverts are excited to speak.

New friendships

The topics are unpredictable, and the participants' speeches are spontaneous, refreshingly unvarnished, and authentic.

Heartfelt moments and laughs are shared among intelligent, witty and warm people. It's where strangers warm up to each other and become friends.​

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