A 24/7, safe and playful space to reduce speaking anxiety

Introverts, isolated professionals, or those who learned English as a foreign language have difficulty articulating themselves freely in work, school or social situations. They miss out on jobs, promotions, and relationships.

We believe there’s powerful untapped potential in each of them.

We built The Mouthfuls, a 24/7, safe and playful space, to help reduce speaking and social anxiety through persistent impromptu speech therapy. You also become more confident, well-rounded, creative, attentive, witty, and charismatic.

What People Say

"Well back in September my anxious self stumbled upon this server on Reddit. A shy kid in the corner of the room. The founder Ying caught me being sneaky and made me open up via an introduction. Since that day I've become a host which I never thought I'd take up. The challenge has made me more confident and my fluency has improved alot."
"Being in The Mouthfuls has truly built up my confidence with public speaking and decreased my anxiety with social interactions. It holds numerous events, provides various resources for improving communication skills and most of all, has a very warm, supportive community who is very motivating and nonjudgmental. I've really seen myself improve on my social and speaking skills ever since I got started, and my close friends have actually noticed a difference when I interact with other people. Being part of The Mouthfuls is an overall great experience. So if you want to work on your communication skills and improve on impromptu speaking in a safe, supportive environment all while having fun, this is definitely the place to be!"
"I joined the mouthfuls a short while ago and I certainly recommend it to anyone who has trouble with public speaking. The community is very active and welcoming. The mentors are very helpful and sweet. Also, there are a lot of events and speaking practices that you can choose from and the prompts are pretty good and unique."
"I can not emphasize enough how welcoming this community is. Everyone here is motivating, and eager to assist. Something I, like many others, dread is public speaking. This community has aided me in my confidence about speaking, and I can even say sometimes I get excited about speaking. The events are a lot of fun, with silly prompts that allow you to tell a story through your words and build up charisma. So many events for various levels of speaking, anyone would be able to find an event that suits their needs!"
"A few months ago, I joined The Mouthfuls. Now I'm a lion! Great vibes, energy, and atmosphere: would definitely recommend this community to anyone who wants to further cultivate their impromptu speaking. There are many different events specialised to focus on improving different areas of speaking and prompts that can be either introspective or fun. Abso-fruitly delicious and scrumptious community!"
"I see Mouthfuls as a school of personal development because it had impact on my life that way. I have been a member of this server for about 3-4 months now & I have seen a immense development in my speaking, social, conversating skills. This servers and its members are so humble and supportive and always push you so that you get your skills developed. This server and its hosts gave me that environment to improve myself and they are consistently supporting me so that I ace my skills."
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